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Dec 062011

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WP4_DS training in practice

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Dec 062011

Istituto Luigi Sturzo together with ECCOM and Museo Civico of  zoology is organising is local Ds EU-enlargement stories Workshop targeted to 15 museum educators dealing everyday with adults in the suburban areas of Roma. Among the issues discussed in the first meeting with the trainees how can museums contribute to the discuss of an enlarged Europe. The process […]

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Adoption of renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning .

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Dec 062011

                In the face of constant change and the consequences of the economic crisis, adults regularly need to enhance their personal and professional skills and competences. Given the current instability in the labour market and the need to reduce social exclusion, this applies particularly to the low skilled […]

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3rd partners’ meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania 18th-21th October

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Sep 292011
3rd partners' meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania 18th-21th October

The 3rd partners’ meeting is taking place shortly in Lithuania. Host organization is Modern Didatics Center This meeting is a turning point for project activities, after the training in Turkey where 21 trainers have created their personal stories on eu-enlargement topics and on how they feel to be Europeans, now it’s time to transfer […]

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Turkey here we come

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Sep 082011

The train the trainers training in Turkey in Denizli is going to start next week September the 15th! The training will gather 21 trainers from Bulgary, Italy, Uk, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Lithuania around a story circle sharing stories on Eu-enlargement! Check the stories on this website very soon! Good luck to all the participants! […]

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EU closes accession negotiations with Croatia

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Jul 082011

30/06/2011  News from European Commission – Enlargement: EU Member States decided on 30 June to close accession negotiations with Croatia, which should allow for the signature of the Accession Treaty by the end of the year. Following the ratification procedure in all Member States and Croatia, accession is foreseen for 1 July 2013. This decision […]

Pass the dragon

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Jul 072011

“No matter what form the dragon may take, it is of this mysterious passage past him, or into his jaws, that stories of any depth will always be concerned to tell, and this being the case, it requires considerable courage at any time, in any country, not to turn away from the storyteller.” Flannery O’Connor, […]

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Train the trainers in Turkey

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Jul 072011

From September 15th to the 21st  the Turkish partner DEDGER is going to host  the Train the  trainers  workshop  (WP3) in Denizli . 3 trainers  from each country participating in the project will participate to the training. Desired learning outcomes The purpose of this training is to provide the trainees with an innovative methodology to share […]

DS6 Digitalstorytelling festival in Wales

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Jun 162011
DS6 Digitalstorytelling festival in Wales

Part of the Detales working team presented the project at the digitalstorytelling festival in DS6 – 17 June/Mehefin 2011@ Aberystwyth Arts Centre. The exchange and interaction with experts and people appreciating the power of digitalstorytelling was inspiring Digitalstorytelling is contagious! Find out more  on

Mar 072011

To investigate adults’ perception on EU-enlargement topics, each partner submitted a questionnaire to their relevant adult target group asking their opinion and feeling on the following topics: Identity Enlargement Mobility Job market Citizen activities Computer skills This qualitative research aimed at  reassess the target groups’ perception on how would they define Europe, if there  country’s cultural […]

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