Mar 072011

To investigate adults’ perception on EU-enlargement topics, each partner submitted a questionnaire to their relevant adult target group asking their opinion and feeling on the following topics:

  • Identity
  • Enlargement
  • Mobility
  • Job market
  • Citizen activities
  • Computer skills

This qualitative research aimed at  reassess the target groups’ perception on how would they define Europe, if there  country’s cultural identity is influenced by its EU neighbours, if they had a chance to move in another European country if they would do it, ect.  Bulgaria, Lithuania, UK , Germany have address seniors. Italy, Hungary, Turkey low skills adults between 35-54 years old.


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  1. Furthermore there is a recent study on the “New Europeans”:
    This Eurobarometer survey has been commissioned in order to gain insight in
    European citizens’ connectedness to other countries. Connectedness is a
    broad, rich concept; it can take several forms, objective or subjective. The
    challenge in this research was to identify a category of ‘New Europeans’:
    who are they, where can we find them? They were defined as people who live
    in the EU and have connections with more than just the country where they
    live. “New Europeans” tend to be hidden in the existing data sources and
    include children of migrants, mixed couples, international students,
    retirement migrants and expats.

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