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Our association is located in Denizli (west of Turkiye), in the region of Eagean. It has more than 500,000 inhabitants. Our city is famous with Pamukkale, rooster, textile, thermal tourism, cable and marble. You can visit city web page to discover the wonders of its culture, places, famous Turkish cuisine , weather and people in hospitality; www.pamukkale.org.tr

Degder is an international non-profit organization was established in 2004 in Denizli/ TURKIYE. Its aim: To provide intercultural learning opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of people for living in a more peaceful world. Its specific expertise is education. Education is so important for the association. The members are volunteers of education and they are utterly devoted themselves to education. The association organizes programmes in order to develop education of the society. It also organizes conferences, symposiums, open meetings, forums, academic meetings, seminars, education and training programmes, exhibitions, workshops, courses, family and dialogue programmes cooperating with different organizations.


Contribute to grow up the people whose motto are love and respect, unity and solidarity, social and cultural support, provide all learners with high quality education and training activities by promoting dialogue between people and support the development of Denizli

Role in the project

Degder is going to work closely with coordinators and other partners to pursue project objectives and to disseminate and exploit the results at local, national and European level through networks involved in. It coordinates WP3 Training of trainers at consortium level.



Mr. Durmuş Sevindik
Denizli Eğitim Gönüllüleri Derneği
Topraklık Mah. Halk Ca.d  No: 21
20150/ Denizli   TÜRKİYE

Tel/Fax: +90 258 2654700

Web: www.degder.org
Email: dusev99@yahoo.com

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