Quality Plan


The quality plan and the evaluation strategy for the Grundtvig Multilateral project “Digital Education Through Adult Learners EU-Enlargement Stories” serves as guide to ensure that the project objectives are meet in time and in budget. This document provides the network with methods, standards, procedures, to produce results of the high quality.

Therefore its aim is :

  • To assist and advise the project team in its efforts to produce results
  • To prepare and to exercise control in order to take action if needed
  • To measure the progress and quality of results against the agreed objectives
  • To prepare the progress and final report.

Leader of this WP is the co-ordinator ILS. The evaluation is support at internal level by the consortium staff and by an external evaluator.

The quality and evaluation strategy is carried out throughout the project. It will monitor the progress of the project and the quality of the results and outcomes. The main issues on which the quality plan will focus are:

  • The perceived quality of the activities;
  • The perceived usefulness of the outputs;
  • The perceived potential of sustainability of the results;
  • Suggestions for improvement.


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