Work Packages


Wp 1 – Management

  • Leader: Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Italy
  • Deliverables: reports of meetings, certificate of attendance, reports
  • Time: 1st to 23rd month – duration 24 months

Wp 2 – Research and content development training manual

  • Leader Yale College of Wrexham UK
  • Deliverable: DS Guide Book
  • Time: 3rd to 7th month – duration 5 months

Wp 3 – Train the Trainers

  • Leader: Dedger TR
  • Deliverable: Training in Turkey, Testing and evaluation of the Ds Guide from WP2
  • Time: (from 7th to 12th  duration 6) – 5 days workshop in Turkey, 21 trainers from all the partners country

Wp 4 – Training, DS in practice

  • Leader: MDC Lithuania
  • Deliverable: The trainers will organize a workshop in their home countries. At the end collect their stories.
  • Time: (13th to 18th duration 6 month)

Wp 5 – EU-travel guide in European Ds platform

  • Leader: Grimme Institute
  • collection of 120 stories on European enlargement based on the following themes and uploaded on a virtual travel guide of Europe: opening of frontiers/mobility, European labour market and cultural identities and diversity
  • Time: (19-21  duration 3 months)

Wp 6 – Dissemination

  • leader: BDA, Bulgaria
  • Deliverables: web site, printed and promotional materials, internet dissemination and a final conference
  • Time: (2 to 24) duration 23 final conference in Sofia, BG, September 2012

WP 7 –  Quality Plan

  • Leader: Istituto Luigi Sturzo Italy
  • Deliverables: Evaluation will be divided in 2 types. Internal evaluation performed by staff of partnership members and external evaluation performed by an external expert. The evaluation will take into account two categories of subjects: the project’s staff and the participants’ groups broadly considered and their expectations.
  • Time: 1-24 months duration 24 months

Wp 8 – Exploitation plan

  • Leader: Anthropolis  Hungary
  • Deliverables: Organization of a Grundtvig workshop, Grundtvig training course.
  • Time: from 7th to 24th (duration 18 months)



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