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Istituto Luigi Sturzo (Rome, IT)

The Istituto Luigi Sturzo is a private foundation based in Rome , established in 1951 committed to the preservation and valorization of cultural heritage.



The Istituto Luigi Sturzo carries out training activities to develop and validate competences required in the cultural heritage field. It develops innovative ideas to ensure the accessibility of cultural heritage to a wide range of target groups, such as students, seniors, professionals and groups at risk.

The integration between training and research in historical, sociological, political and economical fields, is the successful factor for delivering and developing high content and high quality training courses.

Areas of activity: Training and Education Development Area, study and research area, a library, a Historical archive and a digital laboratory

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The Istituto Luigi Sturzo invests in networking activities and collaborates in partnership with national and international organisms (institutes, universities, enterprises) at a local, European and intercontinental level.


Role in De.TALES

The Luigi Sturzo Institute is the promoter and co-ordinator of the project, supervises the delivery of  high quality activities in time and in budget in cooperation with all the partners.

The rational of the project stems out from the need to have a better knowledge of the European enlargement, what does it means, where  will it bring us all, what the perception of the people towards an enlarged Europe and the what do the people in Turkey feel about Europe.

This is the content of our stories, the stories that adults will tell through the digitalstorytelling method while improving their digital competences and using a methodology that will inspire furtherer learning and develops civic competences.



Fabrizio Melorio project manager email:
Co-ordinators  Patrizia Braga ( and Antonia Silvaggi (
Formazione e Sviluppo
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