Relevant stakeholders are national and local public bodies involved in education, local and national adult education association, schools, project managers of other Grundtvig project at national and European level, each organization’s own network.

Objectives and evaluation criteria

The evaluation is divided in formative (ongoing activities) and summative at the end of the project.

The objective of this evaluation is to analyze the progress of the project and the achievement of expected results, developing a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the progress of activities, placing particular emphasis on the problems and identifying potential solutions/recommendations.

The main issues to be analyzed will be:


  • Awareness of the project;
  • Relevance to the priorities of the project and of the beneficiaries;
  • Perceived usefulness of the project.


  • Compliance with the operational plan (activities listed) and of its expected timetable;
  • Verification operational expenses;
  • Partnership coordination and consolidation.


  • Capacity of the activities to achieve the expected results;
  • Current level of achievement of expected results;
  • Corrective measures adapted for problems related to the achievement of expected results;
  • Degree of satisfaction of beneficiaries (Partners, trainers, Adult learners and stakeholders)


  • Capacity to raise key competences on EU enlargement topics, common values and intercultural dialogue among EU members;
  • To teach digital storytelling competences and encourage adults to use the training materials on their own;
  • To encourage disadvantage people participation in LLL


  • Analysis of the perceived potential of the sustainability of project results;


[1] To assess the impact questionnaires should be sent after 6 months of the end of the training activity

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