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Modern Didactics Centre (Vilnius, LT)


Modern Didactics Centre (MDC) is non-profit, non-governmental organization for continuing adult education and in-service training. MDC was established in 1999 as inter-university centre by an initiative of Vilnius Pedagogical University and the Open Society Fund-Lithuania.




Mission of MDC – to propose and implement innovations in education, and to support education reform and integration into European Union by continual monitoring, study and analysis of the situation in general education and the needs of Lithuanian schools for change and innovation.

MDC initiates, develops and runs national and international projects, develops new in-service training programmes, creates methodical materials for schools, provides consultations and expertise on project management, teaching & learning strategies, lessons planning & assessment, school community development and etc. MDC also organizes study visits, seminars, conferences on different educational topics, organizes research on pressing educational issues, and publish project products.


Role in the project


MDC will coordinate project activities in Lithuania ensuring quality and timeliness. MDC will work closely with coordinator and other partners to pursue project objectives and to disseminate and exploitate the results of the project at local, national and international level through networks in whish is involved.

MDC has experiences in development of innovative pre-service and in-service training programmes, producing teaching and training materials. For this reason it will be lead partner in WP 4 – Training DS in practice.

MDC also will host 3rd partners meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania in October 2011.



Asta Matonyte
Modern Didactics Centre
Didzioji str. 5-211
LT-01128 Vilnius, Lithuania

tel., fax. + 370 5 212 3623



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