Dissemination Plan


Target Groups:

Short term target groups:

  • 14 steering committee of the project
  • 50 staff of the organizing institutions
  • 21 Trainers: internet dissemination, web announcement on oriented website, newsletters, exploitation of partners network, press release on oriented newspapers
  • 120 low skilled adults 35-64 years old, seniors, immigrants enrolled in learning languages courses, mature worker, unemployed, inactive people.

Long term beneficiaries:

500 citizens from 25 to 64 years old: students of education sciences, sectorial bodies, educational institutions, associations providing courses for immigrants, academics, schools, civil society organizations, NGOs, cultural institutions, trade unions, cooperatives and local bodies, European institutions, institutions involved in Grundtvig European projects, European cultural networks.


The project dissemination strategy will be mainly targeted at:

  • Engaging low skilled adult learners in the project
  • Raising awareness of the themes of EU-enlargement among adult learners
  • Raising awareness on the importance of the attractiveness of LLP among adult learners and bodies involved in adult education policies
  • Promoting the project at local, national and European level

They will be reached through:

  • Virtual (on-line) activities:
    • Newsletters from the project website and from the institution partners organization, web 2.0 (facebook, twitter) more for long term beneficiaries
    • Project web-site – presenting information on the project activities and results. The products developed within the project will be also uploaded there.
    • Institutional web-sites – information about the project and its activities will be uploaded on the web-site of each partner organisation including a link to the project web-site.
    • Direct mailing to potentially interested organisations in the project results with information about the project, project newsletters etc.
    • Face-to face events:
      •  Final conference
      •  Meetings with local bodies invited on site to the workshops
      • Digital storytelling festivals
      • Grundtvig workshop or training courses
  • Media publications:
    •  Publications on oriented websites,
    •  local and national newspapers,
    •  radios at national, local and European level,
    • freepress,
    • television on public transports (to be decided)
    • Press releases:
      • · Send to relevant information channels and cultural European platforms
      • 1 press release on national news papers to promote the Eu-travel guide In European Ds platform
      •  1 to promote the national workshops
      • 1 press release to disseminate the final conference
      • To the national agencies
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