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Anthropolis – Anthropological Public Benefit Association (Budapest, HU)

Anthropolis is a public benefit non-profit association, founded in 2002. The organisation intends to strengthen institutional background of education and social and visual anthropological research, produced documentaries on Hungarian minorities, migrants etc., organized media campaigns and awareness-raising festivals on global issues. The association also started to publish the first Hungarian anthropological periodical: the Anthropolis in 2005. The aim of Anthropolis is to ensure a worldwide reputation of applied and development anthropology and promote participatory approach in management of recent social problems; to encourage development activity on local levels both in urban and rural areas, especially in the countries of the former communist block.

Global Education (developing and distributing educational materials, organising workshops and courses for both students and adults) and awareness raising (organising cultural events, exhibitions, screening series, panel discussions and conferences with reference to development problems and social sciences) are the main working areas of the Anthropolis. Anthropolis is a member of TRIALOG and HAND Platform (Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid).

Anthropolis Association conducted research projects concerning the attitude changes after the change of regime. Besides the situation of the Roma minority Anthropolis focused on the structure of remembrance. Our Nostalgia” project established within the framework of the German-Hungarian Cultural Year 2007, aimed at reflecting on how post-socialist societies remember the times until 1989 – exploring who recollects, what is recalled and how it is remembered.

In the DeTales project we could continue to follow the chain of retention from the regime change through the EU-Enlargement until Hungary’s active membership in the European Union. To achieve this, Anthropolis will conduct researches to gather information, and assist to develop new methods to store, interpret and distribute the findings with the help of digital technology and new media.


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