Dec 062011

Istituto Luigi Sturzo together with ECCOM and Museo Civico of  zoology is organising is local Ds EU-enlargement stories Workshop targeted to 15 museum educators dealing everyday with adults in the suburban areas of Roma.

Among the issues discussed in the first meeting with the trainees how can museums contribute to the discuss of an enlarged Europe. The process of Eu-enlargement is not an automatic process, it can bring along several issues on integration, on the enlarged European budget and on competitiveness among old and new members .

Obviously as it gets more enlarged, Europe will have to deal  more  with integration problems that should be  tackle with innovative integration policy and actions.

how can they face the difficult problems of  integration, how can they let audiences understand that cultural diversity is cultural richness. How can they claim their role as contact zone among cultural diversities?

Let us wait for the stories….


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