Jul 072011

From September 15th to the 21st  the Turkish partner DEDGER is going to host  the Train the  trainers  workshop  (WP3) in Denizli  http://www.denizli.gov.tr/ .

3 trainers  from each country participating in the project will participate to the training.

Desired learning outcomes

The purpose of this training is to provide the trainees with an innovative methodology to share stories about Eu-enlargement.

The trainees will gain:

  • Knowledge and understanding of Digitalstorytelling and his application in a learning context .
  • Knowledge and understanding of  Eu-enlargement related topics, acknowledge of the history of Eu-enlargement, the process of Eu-enlargement, acknowledge of European Institutions, and increase their knowledge on:
  • Opening of frontiers/mobility,
  • European labour market,
  • European cultural identities and diversities of new and old members.

On successful completion of the training, the trainees will be able to

  • Create a story on eu-enlargement (video editing competences, digital competences learning; creative competences write a story and transfer it into a digital output )
  • To transfer their knowledge on their relevant target group
  • Replicate the training methodology
They will improve:
  • Transversal competences: work in a multicultural environment, work effectively as part of a team, reflectively evaluate their own learning and personal planning process, increase their language skills, their interpersonal skills.
  • Greater knowledge on eu-enlargement issues


Soon the list of trainers and details …

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