Apr 022012

The  DeTALES project was presented  @the conference in Valencia “Relato digitalstorytelling” . The aim of the conference was to gather those who want to share and explore these new pedagogical/socio-cultural dimensions of digital storytelling as well as learn how the use of technology has helped transform the whole experience of storytelling into something more personal and within everyone’s reach.

After the project presentation some questions were asked:  How do you deal with the language problem with all this different countries involved? We had to use a common language, which was English, therefore when we slected the trainees in Turkey they had to have at least from a basic to a good knowledge of English. Another question was how do you address the copyright, is an issues at European level? What we suggest to our trainees is to use personal pictures and to make sure that they use copyright free material. We also brief them on the Eu-legislation about copyright anD creative commons. Beside, the story is much interested if the material is part of  the digitalstoryteller!

Great and interesting projects and propositions were presented. Joe Lambert  from the http://www.storycenter.org/index1.html in California led workshop on “Storymaking-Prompts and process”  reflected upon the story and participatory media from the Arab spring to Occupy Wall Street . Bernard Robin reflected on how to assess the digitalstory in an educational setting, asking teachers how they can use DS in their class , more on his website http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/

Here are some tips and hints already experimented in the Turkey workshop and in the local workshops…

  • Who are you telling the story to?
  • Add a personal point of view, it should always be your story
  • Learn to provide supportive feedbacks
  • Use high quality photos
  • Create the storyboard first
  • Organise your material
  • Create Educational materials to support the digitalstory


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