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Dear All,

the Luigi Sturzo Institute is organising a grundtvig training in course in Sofia @ the Bulgaon Digitalstorytelling and Eu-enlargement from

29 September 2012 till 5th October 2012.

Check our course on the Comenius-Grundtvig training databse http://ec.europa.eu/education/trainingdatabase/index.cfm?fuseaction=DisplayCourse&cid=32362 reference number on  IT-2012-834-001 Title


Detales_Digital education through Adult learners’ Eu-enlargement stories 

Apply for a in service Grundtvig or Comenius mobility grant to participate. The grant is a contribution towards course fees, travel and subsistence costs.  The next application deadline will be 30 April 2012 .

For further information check your national agency website on http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/national_en.htm

If you are interested send an email to Ms Antonia Silvaggi a.silvaggi@sturzo.it to request  a pre-registration form of participation or to ask for more info.

On successful completion of the training, the trainees will be able to

• Create a story on Eu-enlargement

• Digitally edit a story

• Write a story

• Transfer their knowledge on their relevant target group

• Replicate the training methodology

• Learn about an enlarged Europe through other people’s stories.Digital stories allow individuals as well as pre-defined target groups to give others an insight into their everyday lives, convictions, goals or concerns. It is a productive method to teach learners of all ages not only to develop skills in the use of a variety of digital tools but also to voice their point of view, to enter a (virtual) discussion and to communicate with others.

The aims of the workshop are relevant to the main objectives of either the Grundtvig programme to help provide adults with pathways to improve their knowledge and competences. The Comenius programme to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and education staff of the diversity of European cultures and languages and its values.

Please find enclosed  daily programme of the training and a presentation of the Detales project (www.detales.net)


Comenius -Grundtvig in-service training course


Detales_Digital education through Adult learners’ Eu-enlargement stories

Reference Number: IT-2012-834-001

Start Date: 29/09/2012 14:00

End date: 05/10/2012 17:00

Location: Sofia – Bulgaria @ Bulgarian Development Agency

Organising Institution: Istituto Luigi Sturzo

Deadline for registration: 30/04/2012

Contact: Ms Antonia Silvaggi


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